Interface Platform, Standard Edition, v1.0
API Specification

This document is the API specification of the Interface Platform, Standard Edition, version 1.0.

Class Summary
BrowserDialog A BrowserDialog asks the users for the absolute path of his browser application, that is to say the application linked to HTML files.
Connexion A Connexion opens a socket on a certain HOST and PORT, sends the query through this socket, waits for the answer, and finally displays the answer returned by the server in a browser.
Data The Data object manages all the properties of the interface and is in charge of ontology construction.
DragTree A DragTree is a special JTree which allows dragging nodes of the tree.
DropTextField A DropTextField is a special JTextField which allows dropping objects.
FileQueryFilter A FileQueryFilter is a FileFilter limited to .esc files, that is to say query files which can be loaded or saved.
FileXMLFilter A FileXMLFilter is a FileFilter limited to .xml files, that is to say ontology files.
FramePreference A FramePreference is a new frame where users can set different properties of the interface.
FramePrincipal The FramePrincipal is the main frame of the interface.
MySAXHandler The MySAXHandler is a handler for parsing the ontology according to the DTD Escrire
MyServer MyServer listens to a query on port 4444, transforms it in a AltaVista form, and displays AltaVista results.
Node A Node is composed of a String value (class name), a String type (obj || rel) and a Vector of attributes (of the class)
SimpleAttribute A SimpleAttribute is composed of a String name (attribute name) and a String type (attribute type).