Escrire XML resources

This site is tied to the Escrire cooperative project.

Reference DTDs

It contains mainly the reference to the:

For examples of documents written in these DTD, just have a look at the various test cases.

Escrire interface

09/05/2001 : Interface 1.3 is now available !

27/04/2001 : Interface 1.2 is now available !

15/02/2001 : Interface 1.1 is now available !

27/10/2000 : Interface 1.0 is now available !

Servlet server

Soon, at this place, a servlet server. It shall first allow to:

We use the Apache 1.3.11 server with JSDK 2.0

Case studies

Two case studies are currently planned for Escrire:


Other reference to XML resources for the representation languages used:

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